About Time Travel Institute

Time Travel Institute is a place for people who love time travel to explore concepts in chronology, philosophy, physics and culture. We are the home of the John Titor legend, a purported time traveler who appeared on our forums in November of 2000 and have been in (more or less) continuous operation since 1999.

My name is Cosmo, and I’ve been the owner of Time Travel Institute since 2014. I spent the latter-half of the 90s and early part of the 00s on sites like these, and have always considered TTI a part of internet folklore. It is a reminder of the golden days of the internet, which is no longer the unruly landscape of open minds and free ideas it once was.

Time is a wonderful concept on a number of levels, and some observe its passage more keenly than others. If you’re reading this, perhaps you are one of those people. Whether your love of time is rooted in scientific curiosity, spiritual wonderment or a simple desire to see beyond the bounds of space and time itself, you are welcome here.

We have a great forum here where you can meet other time travelers and chat with like-minded people about all things relating to the past, future and beyond. We hope that this site will bring you happiness and help you explore your love of time travel in new and interesting ways.

So, if you’re ready for some great time travel conversation and debate, sign up today!

Welcome to Time Travel Institute.